Classic Federal

Optimize the appearance of period furniture with classic reproduction Antique Hepplewhite Handles and Federal Sheraton Knobs. Oval Handles and Embossed Knobs were used on American furniture from the late 18th century thru the early 19th century. Manufacturing processes advanced enabling the production of delicate and detailed stamped brass pulls and knobs. George Hepplewhite and Thomas Sheraton were the two most influential cabinetmakers and designers of this era. Their graceful neoclassic style was evident in the intricate antique Hepplewhite handles and popular federal Sheraton knobs of this age. There was great overlap and strong similarity between the two styles allowing for mixing and matching of oval Hepplewhite pulls and federal Sheraton knobs. The end of this era saw big change with the onset of the Empire period. This flamboyant style favored sandwich glass knobs and lion head pulls.