Floor Lamp Facts

A good floor lamp can be the most useful lamp in your house. Ability to position light directly on tasks at hand is advantageous to reading and handwork. Many antique and vintage bridge lamps are easily restored with our special selection of lamp parts and uno bridge lamp shades, offering a vintage alternative to contemporary styles. Create a focal point with a reproduction large vintage floor lamp shade topping a vintage lamp. Effect can be dramatic or calming depending on the atmosphere you want to achieve.

Style, material and pattern of floor lamp shade should harmonize and accentuate your decor. Desired light output should be decided before choosing lampshades. Floor lamps can be used for room light, task lighting or both. White and light shades typically provide more light than darker shades.

Challenges can arise during restoration when specific lamp repair parts are needed. To answer these needs each floor lamp shade page linked here, has links to repair parts and diagrams for that type of lamp. Should you still have questions after reviewing the page specific to your floor lamp please email us a picture.