10 inch Glass Lamp Shades

Rejuvenate vintage brass, nickel and glass oil lamps with unique, authentically made 10" student lamp shades.
Rayo, Rochester, Victorian, and student lamps from the mid-1800's to early 1900's were the main light source in many homes. These lamps typically used 10" diameter glass oil lamp shades. Many old kerosene lamps have been electrified and restored with glass student shades making them suitable for today's lifestyle. The beauty of oil lamp shades is extensive as many were hand painted with one-of-a-kind organic floral designs. Simpler, more neutral white glass oil lamp shades and dark green student shades were also favorites of this era and remain popular today. Oil lamp shades were designed to be supported by tripods, spiders or 10" shade holders. When restoring these lamps be sure to add glass chimneys for correct appearance.