Glass Lampshade Assistance

Kerosene lamps were the modern genius of the 1800's. More stable than candles these oil lamps provided night time illumination. Converted antique oil lamps today typically have oil or converted electric burners with chimney. Adding a glass lamp shade and shade holder complete the appearance. Holders and replacement lamp shade styles vary requiring an understanding of necessary parts to complete lamp. Technical pages are provided for various glass lamp shade styles.

Challenges may arise when parts are missing making it difficult to know what type shade is needed. Glass lamp shades require specific shade holders sized according to the type of lampshade. Links on this page provide more detailed information on assembly suggestions, styles of replacement lamp shades, measurement guidelines and general lamp information.

  • Lamp type usually determines the style of shade.
  • Shade size should be proportion to lamp.
  • White shades provide more light than painted shades.
  • Lamp appearance can be transformed by simply changing the shade.
  • We are happy to help: if you are unsure about your lamp just email us a picture.