Antique - Vintage Lamps

  • Historic lamps for today's homes
    Over time American lamps have evolved from simple vessels with wicks to today's table lamps. Initial kerosene lamps transcended into decorative Victorian lamps with hand painted shades, banquet lamps, piano lamps and bracket lamps. The development of electricity changed the lighting industry. Lamps no longer needed an oil font and therefore took on slim and unusual shapes. Brass, iron and bronze lamps became popular with parchment and silk shades. The shape and style of lighting was limited only by one's imagination. The chic shades and color range of glass, iron and brass offers many opportunities for modern and traditional homes. This vast array of antique and vintage lamps offer eclectic and classic interiors a sense of unique style. Choice parchment, glass and silk shades top glass antique lamps, Victorian lamps, bracket lamps and vintage oil lamps.