Lampshade Essentials

Add style to your room and transform a lamp by adding a new lampshade. Depending on the atmosphere you want to achieve the effect can be dramatic or calming.

Your new replacement lamp shade should complement your lamp while at the same time contrasting and coordinating with its surroundings. Color and shape play an important role in both appearance and light out-put.

Challenges often arise when the perfect shade is sized differently, made of a different substance (the new one is silk when the old one was glass) or uses a different attachment (harp, chimney, tripod or clip-on fitter). This page provides links to an assortment of assembly suggestions, styles of replacement lamp shades, measurement guidelines and general lamp information.

Table Lamps come in a variety of sizes and styles requiring their own shade style and fitter type. As replacement lamp shade styles vary, measurement diagrams with helpful tips on choosing a shade can provide much needed insight. Fitter types are described and shown as they affect the shade type and style.

  • Lamp style typically dictates the type of shade.
  • Keep shade style & size in proportion to lamp
  • Lighter color shades provide more light
  • Changing shade can change character of lamp
  • Email picture of your lamp for additional info