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Antique Hinges

Antique Hinges are authentic, well designed styles for restorations and new cabinetry. For use on furniture, cabinets, tables and cupboards, styles are specific making it imperative to match hinge to application. Brass cabinet hinges, no mortise hinges and H hinges are most commonly used on kitchen cabinet doors.Tables often require speciality types such as drop leaf table hinges or rule joint hinges that allow table leaves to drop down. Use lift-off hinges, pivot hinges and knife hinges of furniture doors. Butler tray hinges enables tray sides to be positioned in upright and flat positions. Invisible and Cylinder hinges offer a concealed appearance for  table-leaves and cupboard doors. Use unique wrap around hinges for cabinet doors that fold back. Various styles of iron hinges are offered for cabinet doors and antique furniture. These reproduction antique hinges are very serviceable, providing dependability and a pleasing appearance for years to come.

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