Aladdin Chimneys

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Lox-On Aladdin Lamp Chimneys have notches in glass base which lock into chimney holder. These Aladdin style chimneys are used in the restoration of Aladdin lamps that require the Lox-on chimneys. Use with low wattage bulbs on electric lamps.

When selecting replacement lamp chimneys: first determine chimney base diameter, known as the fitter. It is measured outside edge to outside edge across the bottom.

• Sold each
• Glass is thin, very similar to many antique chimneys; use care when placing in burner/holder, do not force.
• Reminiscent of vintage glass, occasional slight imperfections are normal as glass fabrication often produces minor variations in appearance, overall size and thickness of glass.
• Actual glass size and appearance may slightly differ from what is pictured.
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  • • Lox On Style
    • 2-5/8" Bottom Fitter x 12" Height
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