Using Bridge Lampshades above Arm

Lamp Shades for Bridge Lamps can use many different fitter types depending on the actual design of the lamp. Shades are supported by the lamp arm. Shade type is determined by: placement of socket, type of socket, burner and/or shade holder used.

Harp Lamp Shades for Bridge Lamps: Shades have a washer fitter in top of shade frame. It sits down on harp and is held in place with a finial. This is a very common style of shade for table lamps and is also used on bridge arm lamps with harps.
  • Shade should not touch bridge arm.
  • If necessary shade can be raised with a shade riser or taller harp.

  • Chimney Shades for Bridge Lamps slide down over chimney and rest on the bulge. The distance between the center of the chimney holder back to the body of the lamp must be considered so that there is room for the shade.
  • Example if using a 14" bottom fitter shade: Distance between center of lamp burner or socket to lamp pole should be at least 8".
  • Calculate measurement: divide shade bottom fitter measurement in half, subtract 7", add 1" additional).

  • Clip-on Lamp Shades for Bridge Lamps: Shades clip directly onto a light bulb. This clip-on attachment allows the shade to work on most lamps without a shade holder. Many bridge lamps use clip-on shades. Please note: they are not all like the one pictured here.
  • Typically these shades sit lower on the lamp because of the position of the wire clip.
  • Side measurement should be considered when selecting your shade to insure shade does not rest on the arm
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