Cup Caster Information

Caster Cups are sized with interior measurements as furniture legs must fit snuggly. Shape of cup tapers therefore top and bottom measurements are provided.
  • Inside Cup Top: the top interior diameter of the cup less the brass wall.
  • Inside Cup Bottom: the top interior diameter of the cup less the brass wall.
  • Inside Depth of Cup: the interior height of the cup.
  • Wheel Diameter is simply the diameter of the wheel.

  • Raises Furniture: is the height the furniture will be raised above the floor

    Measuring furniture leg cups

    Caster Load Capacity:

  • Equation for estimating load capacity: add furniture weight + furniture load divided by the number of casters needed equals the weight individual casters must support.
  • If load capacity is provided it is prudent to use heavier load capacity then needed.
  • Caster's overall strength is affected by size of complete caster, material caster is made of and wheel size including diameter and width.
  • Mobility has an affect on load capacities. Casters are made for occasional rolling. When stationary less stress is place on caster then when moving.
  • Generally speaking larger casters support more weight and roll easier.

  • Industry standards for antique style casters are often not provided. Our casters are quality reproductions designed to be used on furniture. They are very serviceable under normal conditions. As with all antique casters they are made for occasional rolling.