Restoring Reflector Floorlamps

3 Arm Reflector Floor Lamps became immensely popular when introduced in the early 1920's. Early 3 arm floor lamps were made of brass or brass plated metal with arms produced from decorative castings. More ornate varieties had marble or onyx bases, some with decorative painted finishes. Nomenclature varies: Reflector Floor Lamps, "Junior" Floor Lamps, 6 Way Floor Lamps and 3 Arm Floor Lamps are all names used to describe these floor lamps.
Their ability to provide tremendous light output compared to other floor lamps, then and now, makes them the all star favorite floor lamp. 6 levels of light can be achieved through 2 light sources: • Center oversize, 3-way mogul bulb providing 100, 200 and 300 watts of light. This mogul bulb resides within a white reflector shade. Shade directs light on to ceiling which is then reflected back into the room producing a bright intense light. 3 candle arm lights can be lit independently or together.

Total light output can be up to 600 watts. This was a tremendous amount of light in the early 1900's and by today's standards is still remarkable. The excellent quality and superior light output of reflector floor lamps makes them worth restoring correctly.

Reflector Lamp Shades

Use 2 Lampshades on 3 arm floor lamps

  • A IES Reflector Shade goes on first. It sits in shade holder and is secured with 3 set screws. This reflector shade directs the light from the mogul bulb upward.
  • A second Large Floor Lampshade, often silk, sits on top the reflector shade. A 20" bottom diameter floor lamp shade is often used. Care should be taken so that this shade is large enough to allow good air circulation around the outside 3 candle arms.

  • This may seem unusual for a lamp to have two shades however the second shade is necessary as it completes the vintage appearance of reflector floor lamps and softens the very bright light provided by the mogul bulb and 3 arms. These lamps are an excellent light source.

    Reflector Lamp Parts

    Lamp Parts used:

  • 3-way mogul bulb - large porcelain
  • rayon covered lamp cord is most authentic however SPT-2 lamp wire can also be used.
  • candle sockets
  • candle covers
  • lamp wire
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