Frosted Rose Lamp Shades

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Frosted Rose Lampshades are copies of original Aladdin styles. Reverse painted blue roses surround the Lincoln Drape pattern and is completed with a clear bottom rim and a flat top. Glass lampshades can be used to restore antique Aladdin lamps, hurricane oil lamps, brass Rayo & Rochester lamps or to add a touch of the past to any lamp needing a 10" fitter shade.

• Sold Individually
• Originally used on oil lamps in America during the mid to late 19th century
• Shades are measured by bottom diameter, across the base.
• Bottom diameter is slightly less than 10", which is normal.
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  • • Reverse Painted Blue Roses
    • Aladdin Style Lincoln Drape
    • 9-3/4" Bottom Fitter
    • Height: 7-1/4"
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