Specific Furniture Manufacturer's Hardware - Not Available

Typically once a modern furniture line is discontinued, such as a line designed by Thomsaville, Broyhill or Bassett, the hardware is also discontinued. It may be very difficult if not impossible to locate the exact replacement hardware you are looking for as much of this hardware is not in production.

Many of the leading furniture hardware manufacturer's produce a very wide variety of hardware for their various furniture lines. This specially designed hardware is made for them to their specifications so that it complements the furniture design they are creating. As this hardware was originally manufactured exclusively for each furniture manufacturer, it may not be in production today.

Checking specific replacement hardware availability for manufactured furniture is only possible with a picture and complete measurements. In some instances we may have a close match as the Paxton Hardware Collection encompasses a wide range of furniture hardware.

When searching for a replacement:
  • Manufacturer item numbers are not helpful in locating a replacement as these numbers are only meaningful to the manufacturer.
  • Measure the size needed as size is often critical to the function and appearance of furniture.
  • If you find similar hardware determine what changes if any may be necessary to the structure of the piece.
  • All of our items are pictured on this site with complete measurements.
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