Glass Lampshade Styles

10" fitter shades a common size used on many antique lamps. Classic white glass student shades were often seen on brass and nickel rayo lamps. Green cased glass shades topped student lamps. Hand painted student shades were used on glass hurricane lamps. Aladdin lamps had white opal or frosted glass shades. Gone with the wind lamps had shades painted to match the font. Choice is a matter of personal taste. All antique glass lamp shades were designed to be used with glass chimneys.

7" fitter shades are smaller in scale then 10" shades. Popular on small Victorian lamps, shades were hand painted with roses and floral designs. White student shades were produced with ruffled or flat tops. Green student shades were available in cased glass or green rib designs. Shade requires shade holder for support.

Glass ball shades were favorites on Victorian piano lamps. Hand painted designs with tinted backgrounds top most parlor lamps. Ball shades typically had 4" bottom fitters and used tall chimneys. Astral style shades with ruffled tops were another choice. To see these ball shades on lamps please see our banquet lamps.

Torchiere floor lamp shades are used on floor lamps from the 20th century. These are large glass shades with embossed designs or rib patterns. Light shines upward providing excellent illumination.

14" Flat Top Glass shades are used on hanging lights. Shade sits in a ring holder.