How to Measure - Attach Drawer Pulls

  • Boring is the distance from center of mounting hole tDetermining the size drawer pull needed to fit furniture drawerso center of mounting hole. When replacing existing handles: this distance must be determined before selecting replacement handles. More leeway is available when adding drawer pulls to new furniture or cabinets, as holes are drilled to accommodate desired handles.
  • Most common size boring is 3". Other less common center of hole to center of hole measurements: 2-1/2", 3-1/2" and 4" are available in limited designs. Large sizes such as 5" or 6" are very difficult to find.
  • Overall Size: reflects: width at it's widest point and height at its tallest point of drawer pull. Ideally a balanced relationship between drawer handle and drawer is best.

  • Attaching Drawer Pulls & Knobs
  • Thread size is generally 8-32.
  • Mounting screws are used to attach many styles of drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. Screws are inserted from back of drawer, through mounting holes, into back of drawer pull or knob. Length supplied is determined by manufacturer. While supplied screw length is generally useful, occasionally a different size is required. Please let us know if you need a specific length. To determine the correct size: measure wood thickness and add 1/4".
  • Posts or Eyebolts are available in one length. Posts/eyebolts insert from front through holes in backplate, through mounting holes and are secured with nuts .Occasionally they may be too short to accommodate drawer thickness. Historically in this situation on antique furniture: a small shallow area is carved out of the drawer-interior around each mounting hole. This reduces the wood thickness at mounting-hole locations enabling shorter posts with nuts to be used. Diameter of carved area must be large enough to accommodate nut.

  • Many factors in addition to size go into the decision of selecting handles:

    Furniture Periods have their own distinct styles. Understanding your furniture period will simplify the task of picking handles. Furniture periods include: Queen Anne, Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Sheraton, Empire, Federal, Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Mission and Art Deco.

    Production Materials vary, in addition to brass there is: nickel, wood, porcelain, glass and iron.