Handle Terminology

Handle shape can complement or detract from overall appearance. The goal is to achieve a balance between furniture lines and shape of furniture handle.

  • Backplate: circular, rectangular or period shape plates which mount between wood and knob / pull.

  • Bail: actual handle of drawer pull

  • Bail Handle or Bail Pull: an early style handle originally secured with two cotter pins in the 1600's. By the late 1700's this style progressed to being held by two posts often with rosettes.

  • Bin Pull: cup shaped handle developed during the Victorian era for storage furnishings.

  • Drop Pull: single mount pendant which typically hangs from a backplate.

  • Flush Recessed Pull or Recessed Pull: popular on Campaign furniture, entire handle is mortised into wood providing a flush appearance.

  • Oval Pull: stamped oval brass backplate with bail, popularized by George Hepplewhite in the 1700's.

  • Ring Pull: handle with a circular bail.

  • Rosette: small backplate used behind a knob or with post to hold a bail.

  • Rosette Pull: two rosettes with posts and bail.

  • Plate Handle: decorative backplate with bail handle.
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