Installing Stem Casters

Stem casters also know as shank type casters come in two distinct styles. Type 1: caster stem threads up into leg, type 2: caster stem slips into socket sleeve and snaps in place. These stem casters do not utilize a plate for the furniture leg to sit on. The stem is held in place by a snug fit or socket sleeve.

Casters with threaded stems

  • Threaded steel Philadelphia drive stem screws up into a hole.
  • Drill hole in furniture leg slightly smaller in diameter than diameter of drive stem. Depth should be approximately 1/4" deeper than length of caster stem.
  • It should fit a little tight as you want a good grip.
  • Threaded stem casters do not use a socket sleeve.
  • Useful on smaller diameter furniture legs as no caster plate is used.

  • Casters with stem & sleeve

  • Stem snaps into socket sleeve.
  • Caster sleeve requires 3/8" x 1 5/8" hole

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