Installing Cylinder Hinges

Cylinder hinges provide a completely concealed appearance once installed.
Hinges are machined from solid brass with steel linkages.
Opens to 180 degrees.

These hinges are not intended for vertical and or load bearing applications.

Installing cylinder Hinges
When installing:
  • Marked center line, in each direction, with a square to locate center
  • Drill holes using exact diameter of hinge and exact depth of hinge (do not use oversize drill bits)
    Use 10 mm metric bit for 10 mm diameter, 12 mm metric bit for 12 mm diameter and 14 mm metric bit for 14 mm diameter.
  • Insert hinge-barrel into each hole. Simultaneously press hinge-barrel into each section. Gradually open and close, making small corrections as needed to ensure hinge is straight and not twisted. Should be flush with surface once in place.
  • Tightening the set screw expands the special built in wedge action providing a secure application.
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