Uno Sockets Keyless

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Keyless UNO Lamp Sockets are used with a cord-switch or wall-switch to turn light on or off. Special uno-threads hold uno-lampshades or uno-holders. Shorter height is beneficial on certain lamps.

If using with uno fitter lamp shade: special uno threads, at light bulb-end of lamp socket, enable most lampshades and shade holders with 1-1/4" threaded center ring, to screw, directly onto socket.

• Sold each
• Material: Brass with metal interior
• Finish: Bright
• Socket-cap screws onto standard 1/8 IP lamp pipe, 3/8" OD. Set-screw secures socket to lamp pipe.
• Wire exits thru socket-cap.
• Use with standard base light bulbs
• If desired, sockets can be concealed, with a decorative lamp socket husk (pictured left).
Before making any changes to electrical fixtures and/or lamps:
• Disconnect plug/wire from the electrical source.
• Turning lamp off will not protect you from electric shock.
• If you are unsure how to safely proceed contact a licensed electrician.
When using on Bridge Arm Floor Lamps
• Use socket with socket-swivel, enabling adjustment of socket to best angle, for task lighting.
• Swivel sold separately, available in 2 styles.
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