Lamp Socket Types

Standard Size Sockets

  • threaded to fit 1/8 IP pipe (3/8" diameter)
  • use with 1" diameter base light bulbs.

Determine lamp socket by turn on method and material.
  • Turn on method: Socket turn on options are turn knob, pull chain, push thru and keyless. Typically turn on method type is a matter of personal choice however the assembly of certain lamps require specific turn on sockets.

Lamp Sockets Socket color should blend with lamp.
  • Replacement lamp sockets which match the lamp provide a harmonious appearance. Brass sockets are offered in nickel, antique, and polished brass finishes to complement your lamps.

Replacement Lamp Sockets with special functions solve many lamp issues.
  • Side mount: socket attaches on side rather than from bottom
  • 3 Terminal connects with a second socket, use on Gone with the Wind lamps.
  • Side outlet hole in socket cap allows lamp wire to exit from side of socket rather than lamp base.
  • Dimmer provides high-low-off positions using regular light bulbs.
  • Old style fat boy shape is a great restoration socket for vintage lamps.
Lamp Sockets

Special Sockets for floor lamps:

  • Large porcelain mogul sockets are commonly used on reflector floor lamps.
  • UNO socket with exterior threads. Shade screws onto socket. Often used on bridge lamps.