Mica Floor Lampshades

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Amber Mica Floor Lampshades are a great complement to antique and contemporary lamps. The crystal-like mica has a natural, irregular appearance that subtly reflects light. When lit, mica produces a soft amber glow. Indicative of the Arts and Crafts era, shades are trimmed with dark brown braid. Use this craftsmen design lampshade on vintage floor lamps with reflector shade and 3 outside candle sockets, tall table lamps and single stem floor-lamps. Large, circular shape provides adequate air circulation around light bulbs. Support shades an i.e.s. reflector shade, cluster or harp.

Use on floor and table lamps. These shades have large proportions which are needed for certain installations such as: vintage floor lamps with reflector shade and 3 outside candle sockets. The large size allows adequate circulation and clearance around the outside candle light bulbs on these antique lamps.
Use on lamps with a: IES reflector shade, lamp harp or cluster stem to support lampshade.
• Reflector Shade: V-Notches in top of shade frame holds shade in place on 8" or 10" IES reflector shades
• Harp or Cluster Stem: Circular ring fitter in top of shade frame fits onto harp or lamp cluster and is secured with a lamp finial.

• Sold each
• Material: Mica: composed of mica flakes laminated together with shellac or resin
• Trim: Brown faux leather braid
• Shade panels: Rigid
• Color: Amber
• Shape: Round
• Shade Frame: Metal, copper-brown, rust resistant
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