Mica Lampshades for Bridge Lamps

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Mica Lampshades for Bridge Lamps are mica overlay uno lamp shades with a very decorative diamond pattern. When lit (shown) these translucent mica lamp shades give off a soft amber glow highlighting the unique gray and green overlay design. Popular during the Arts & Crafts these mission lamp shades were first made around 1900.
Use on floor lamps & bridge lamps where shade hangs down from lamp arm.
Shade frame has a 1-1/4" interior diameter threaded ring, in top center, that threads onto uno socket. To install: screw shade onto threaded end of uno-lamp socket. Once installed: Shade will hang from socket below lamp arm.

• Sold each
• Material: Mica: composed of mica flakes laminated together with shellac or resin
• Shade panels: Rigid
• Color: Amber with pattern
• Pattern: Applied
• Shape: Hex
• Shade Frame: Metal, copper-brown, rust resistant
• Must be used with uno-threaded socket
• For best compatibility, purchase shade & socket together
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  • • 12" Bottom
    • 7" Top
    • 7-3/4" Side
    • 1" Recessed Fitter
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