Porcelain Wheel Casters

Porcelain Wheel Casters have white ceramic casters wheels which were the darling of the Victorian era. Used on walnut chairs and marble top tables these porcelain wheel casters created a showy conclusion to the bottoms of furniture. Glossy white porcelain wheels are support by solid brass forks. Select plate type or stem type styles. Plate type porcelain wheel casters are held in place with plate and three screws. Stem type porcelain wheel casters are held by the Philadelphia drive stem fitting tightly in furniture leg. Wheels swivel independently of caster stems.

• Material: Brass & Porcelain

• IF REPLACING lost, damaged or broken casters: all casters on a piece of furniture should be uniform in height, style and appearance to insure proper function.

• LOAD CAPACITY has not been tested, as these casters were originally designed and extensively used, before today's testing methods. These casters are substantial and made for furniture. Rule of Thumb: the larger the piece of furniture the larger the size caster used.
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  • Item # 6318
  • • Shank-type
    • 1" Wheel Diameter
    • Stem:
    1/4" Top, 3/8" Base, 1-3/8" High
    • Raises Furniture 1-1/8"
  • 1+ $8.70
    4+ $8.25
    8+ $7.75
    16+ $7.36
  • Item # 6323
  • • Plate-type
    • 1" Wheel Diameter
    • Stem: 1/4" Diameter x 1" Height
    • Plate: 1-1/8" Diameter x 1/8" Thick
    • Raises Furniture: 1-3/8"
    • Screws included
  • 1+ $13.36
    4+ $12.67
    8+ $11.90
    16+ $11.30
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Sep 15, 2017  |  By William Brown
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I have ordered from Paxton's for years for my antique restoration business. They are the best, great craftsmanship, fast shipping and friendly service. Prices are very reasonable. Thanks!