Replacing Student Lampshades

Student Lamp Shades were used on oil lamps, hurricane lamps and Rayo and Rochester lamps.

Determining Size: Student Lamp Shades are typically sized by the bottom diameter. The most common sizes are referred to as 7" and 10". Correct fitter size must be determined before selecting a replacement student lampshade:
  • Measure both shade base (outside bottom diameter of antique student lamp shade)and shade holder (inside top diameter). If student shade is broken measure just the holder.
  • If holder is missing: select a shade holder which will fit your lamp and support the correct size student lamp shade.
  • Glass is typically blown undersize meaning the student lamp shade is blown slightly smaller than its holder. Example: 7" glass student shades will have a bottom diameter of 6-5/8"–6-7/8" to fit a 7" holder.

  • Replacement Student Lamp Shades

    Authentic copies are offered in white opal glass, dark green cased glass and hand painted floral designs. Glass Student Lamp Shades were made in: 6", 7", 10", 12" and 14" bottom fitter sizes.
  • 7" Student Lamp Shades
  • 10" Student Lamp Shades
  • 12" Student Lamp Shades
  • Determining Shade Holders: tripods, spiders and ring holders are used to support student shades. Lamp burner or socket will determine appropriate center ring size of holder, shade will determine shade holder size. •Tripods and Ring Holders are used with lamp burners. Select shade holders with a center hole to fit your lamp burner.
  • Spiders are used with lamp sockets.
  • Picture showing assembled oil lamp with student lamp shade on holder shown top right.
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