Selecting Ball Shades

Ball Shades were the darling of the Victorian era. These shades are most remembered as the very decorative. A favorite pattern was large hand painted flowers. These were frequently used on Gone with the Wind Lamps. Sizes and Neck Shapes vary:
  • Ball shades are customarily used on tall banquet lamps and piano lamps.
  • Smaller ruffled top ball shades are used on shorter banquet lamps and some table lamps.
  • Ball Chimney Shade with a standard 3" base is another option for average size oil lamps.
  • Bottom Fitter: most ball shades have an open, straight-sided base fitting a 4" fitter shade holder. Height: shade should be proportional to lamp. Height is measure by inserting a ruler inside shade. Chimney height must be taller than shade. Bulge of chimney should be thin enough to slide through interior of shade base.