Small Glass Oil Lamps

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Small Glass Oil Lamps emit a warm bright light. Reliable during power outages, these small vintage hurricane lamps can be kept in an out of the way location until needed. Reliable clear glass harmonizes with most color schemes and interiors.

• Sold as Complete Lamp
• Turn Switch raises and lowers wick
• Lamp Base Material: Clear Glass
• Lamp Chimney: Clear Glass
• Lamp Burner: Brass-plated
• Reproduction 19th century design
• Type: Table Lamps
• For use indoors

A burning oil lamp should not be left unattended.

    • Lamps should be placed out of the reach of children.
    • Only use "lamp oil" as a fuel source. Other oil types can cause fires and/or damage oil burners.
    • Lamp Oil not included
    • Leave at least a ½ inch of headspace when filling up your oil lamp.
    • Keep lamp reservoir half full so that wick stays properly saturated
    • Oil lamps burn approximately ½ ounce of lamp oil per hour.
    • Trim off charred edge of wick after every couple uses. If charred residue is not kept trimmed, wick will likely smoke and provide dim light.
    • Replace lamp chimney once lamp is lit to protect flame from drafts.
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  • • Clear Font
    • Crimped Top Chimney
    • Overall Height 12"
    • Overall Diameter: 5-3/4"
    • Base Diameter: 3-3/4"
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