Using UNO Lampshades

Bridge lamps have an arm extending from lamp body to support lighting components and lamp shades. These lamps are produced in both table and floor lamp styles. Lamps where the shade hangs down from the lamp arm use uno lamp shades also known as bridge lampshades.

Bridge lamps which have the shade hanging down are an all time favorite style reading lamp. Many of these lamps can be found inexpensively and retrofitted into a useful lighting source. Use next to a comfortable reading chair or work table for task lighting. Shade and light are easily positioned to direct light to best location. Once you have used a bridge lamp you will never want to be without one. The benefits of these lamps are many:

  • Lamps are easily moved where light is needed.
  • On / off switch is at socket for easy access.
  • Socket swivel enables positioning of uno bridge lamp shades to direct light downward onto the book or surface you are working on.
  • UNO Lamp Shade Parts
  • Uno bridge lamp shades have a threaded center ring, near the top of shade, which screws directly onto uno threaded sockets. Glass uno lampshades require a special glass holder which fits onto socket.
  • For safety reasons, when retrofitting lamps it is always best to replace the sockets and rewire lamps with approved lamp wire and sockets.
  • Lamp shades should be selected according to taste. Choose a shade to suit your style.
  • Floor lamp shades are available in: Linen, silk, mica and parchment styles.

  • Uno Lampshades

    UNO Lamp Parts
  • Are made on a wire frame.
  • Fitter: threaded 1-1/4" ring in the center of the shade. Fitter rings vary in drop according to shade.
  • Lamp shade fitter ring screws directly onto the socket, no shade holder is necessary.

  • Special Uno Lamp Parts

  • Uno Lamp Sockets •have male threads on bottom of socket.
  • Socket Swivels connect socket to bridge arm providing a movable joint. Shades can be angled to correct position for reading.
  • Brass Socket Husk - Decorative Husk covers socket providing a finished appearance.
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