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Item # 3241K

Adjustable Lampshade Extension, 5-1/2- 9 inches

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Product Info
  • Sold Each
  • Material: Brass & brass-plated
  • Finish: Un-finished
  • Size
  • Adjusts from: 5-1/2" - 9"
  • Top Shade Rod: 1/4-27 fits standard finial
  • Base threaded 1/8 IP - 3/8" lamp pipe 

  • Adjustable Lampshade Extension provides an easy method of raising or lowering harp-type lamp shadeswithout rewiring lamps. Adjustment range is 5-1/2" - 9". This style adjustable lampshade extension is often used with lamp-socket-clusters. If using in place of lamp harp: lamp must have an 1/8IP - 3/8" standard female lamp pipe fitting for extension to screw into. 

    How to Use

  • Adjust height by loosening thumb screw.
  • Move shade stem to best position. 
  • Re-tighten thumb screw.
  • Knurled threaded ring near top supports lampshade.
  • Lamp finial screws down on top threaded rod to secure lamp shade.
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    Adjustable Lampshade Extension, 3-1/2- 6 inches


    they are exactly what I needed to raise the finials up past top of shade

    Now, I can enjoy my Lamps!

    I just wanted to send an email and say thank you. I bought two lamps from HomeGoods that were missing the piece that connects the lamp to the shade and have spent weeks learning about lamps to figure out what part I needed. Your store was the only place I could find it and the only place that would sell to an individual. The lamp manufacturer didn't even respond to my inquiry. Now I can enjoy my lamps and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg to do it. So again thank you and I will definitely come to your site should I need anything in the future.

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