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Choosing Harp Lamp Shades

Choosing Harp Lamp Shades

Refurbish vintage table lamps with authentic parts for professional results.

Table lamp with harpTable lamps are a versatile style, produced in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and materials. Periods include Colonial, Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Mid Century and traditional. Shapes range from candlestick, ginger jar, vase, column, figural, goose-neck. The majority of these lamps use Harp Lamp Shades.
Shade Holders for harp type lamp shades Harp Lamp Shades have a simple washer/ring fitter. Built of a wire frame these harp lamp shades have a three-wire spider, near the top of the shade with a center ring washer. To place shade onto lamp, simply slip center washer down onto harp, 1/8 IP pipe or cluster stem. Secure with a lamp finial.


Guidelines for Replacing Harp Lamp Shades

Parameters for replacing harp lamp shades

These are generalizations.........it is always best to let your personal taste be the guiding influence.

Achieving a sense of balance and harmony between table lampshade and lamp base will present the best appearance Lamp shade proportions should reflect lamp base proportions. Lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes which may require different guidelines

Lamp shade should cover lamp-socket but not base of lamp

Harp shades fit onto 1/8 IP lamp pipe, clusters and harps.

The advantage of lamp harps is ease of changing heights. If the shade is sitting to low on the lamp base – use a taller harp, likewise if the shade is to short on the lamp base use a shorter harp.




Perspective of lamp changes according to height of the furniture it is sitting on

Typically the surface, the lamp is placed on, the shorter the harp used.

Tall and slender table lamps:

  • Measure: lamp base height, distance from bottom of lamp base to base of lamp socket.
  • Base: diameter of shade bottom is typically within 1”-2” of lamp base height
  • Height: typical lamp height is 2/3 rds height of lamp base however the shade should look proportional to the base.

Short or squat table lamps:

  • Measure: diameter of lamp base at widest point
  • Base: select shade with base approximately 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 times larger than the widest measurement of lamp base
  • Height: similar to lamp-base height. Shades for squatter or shorter lamps tend to be scaled accordingly. Proportion should always be considered.


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