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for the Trade

20% Wholesale Discount on All Orders! No yearly minimum

 Maximize your Business Potential

......in today’s extremely competitive marketplace 
with the unique opportunities Paxton Hardware provides.

  • Competitive Pricing  
  • 20% Trade Discount 
  • Speedy Shipping 

Verification criteria

Paxton Hardware Wholesale Trade Accounts are specific to professional:
Restoration, Antique, Woodworking, Lighting & Interior Design Related Business.

To Apply please follow these steps:

  • Set-up an online account.
  • Send us an Email designating your business type, web address (if you have one), & copy of business license 
  • Once your trade documentation has been received & approved, your account will be marked wholesale
  • Orders placed, with this account, will receive the 20% wholesale discount.
  • This trade discount is not retroactive. It will apply to future orders.
  • To receive the discount please login to your account to view and obtain wholesale pricing, before placing an order.

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