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Antique Lamp Sockets

Antique Lamp Sockets are a well made quality, for new and old lighting. Whether fixing antique lighting, restoring floor lamps or creating a lamp, having the ideal lamp socket for the job is fundamental. Standard Edison-base sockets are offered in brass, antique-brass and nickel to best match your lighting project. Switching types include turn knob, push thru, keyless, and pull chain designs. Bridge lamps typically require uno lamp sockets while reflector floor lamps use a large porcelain mogul socket and three candle sockets with socket sleeves.  Special Gone with the Wind lamp sockets are unique, also operating a night lite.  Bakelite lamp sockets add an authentic appearance to certain early lighting. In addition lamp clusters, socket swivels, wire-outlet caps and reducers  aid restoration projects. Choose antique lamp sockets according to individual lamp requirements.
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