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Correctly installing drawer pulls, fixed handles or knobs requires lining up holes consistently at same location on doors or drawers. The simplest way to create a cohesive install is to make a template to mark placement location of screw holes.

  • If installing bail pulls, handles or knobs: on just drawers or doors, one template will be necessary. 
  • If installing handles or knobs: on both drawers and doors two templates will be necessary. One for drawers and one for doors.

Create a cardboard or wood template:


Create a template to accurately line up knobs and handles when installing

  • Cut two squares of cardboard or wood
  • Tape two squares together to form an upside down "T"
  • Determine location of knob on drawer or door. 
  • Edges of template square should line up with edges of cabinet doors or drawers.
  • Line vertical square up with bottom and side of cabinet door; push horizontal square (flat base) of template up against underside of cabinet door.  
  • Mark screw-hole location on template, with template held in place
  • Drill small hole through template at screw-hole location
  • Mark each screw-hole location, with an awl or pencil, using template
  • Note: if also using on drawers a second template will need to be created in the same manner as described above, marking the knob location on the drawer front


  • Follow the above directions, with the exception of marking two screw-holes, they must be set the correct boring distance apart
  • Boring: distance from the center of one mounting hole to the center of the second mounting hole
  • Overall Size: widest measurement x tallest measurement


Once the template is created it should be easy to locate and mark location of holes on multiple drawers or doors without having to re-measure.
If handles and knobs are-not lined up in a straight, cohesive pattern, appearance of furniture and cabinets will look be amateurish.


Drilling drawer pull and knob mounting holes:

How to measure the boring distance on a drawer pull
  • Drill marked location using correct size drill bit (see chart below)
  • For Softwoods: use a drill-bit approximately 1/64” smaller than target hole size
  • For Hardwoods: use a drill-bit the same-size as the target hole size


Estimated Wood Screw Diameters



Thread Diameter


Approximate Fractional Measurement























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