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Porcelain Wheel Brass Casters, Stem type

Stem Type Porcelain Wheel Casters are designed for narrow legs. Brass with white ceramic wheels, these were a much used caster during the Victorian era. These white wheels contrast beautifully with the dark woods used during the Victorian era.  Stem type porcelain wheel casters are held by the Philadelphia drive stem fitting tightly in furniture leg. Wheels swivel independently of caster stems.
If replacing lost, damaged or broken casters: all casters on a piece of furniture should be uniform in height, style and appearance to insure proper function.
  • Sold individually
  • Material: Brass Fork, Porcelain Wheel
  • Finish: Polished
  • 1" Wheel Diameter
  • Stem: 1/4" Top, 3/8" Base, 1-3/8" High
  • Raises Furniture 1-1/8"
  • LOAD CAPACITY has not been tested, as these casters were originally designed and extensively used, before today's testing methods. These casters are substantial and made for furniture. Rule of Thumb: the larger the piece of furniture the larger the size caster used.
  • Threaded Stem Casters

    Threaded Stem Casters have a round shank with coarse threads known as a Philadelphia drive stem. This type caster is useful on furniture legs which are narrow as stem is sole means of attachment, no plate or sleeve are used. Frequently used on chair legs during the mid 1800's to the early 1900's. Once installed stem must fit snugly in leg for a proper fit, if loose, caster can wobble.

    To Install:

    • Drill hole in furniture leg slightly smaller in diameter than diameter of drive stem. Depth should be approximately 1/4" deeper than length of caster stem.
    • Screw threaded steel Philadelphia drive stem up into predrilled hole.
    • Fit should be snug

    If replacing an existing caster, measure the diameter and height of center hole in leg. If hole in leg is too large plug with wood dowel, then re-drill hole. Height of center hole must be tall enough to accommodate threaded stem.

    Our casters are quality reproductions, strong, well made and designed specifically for furniture. They are very serviceable under normal conditions. As with all antique casters they are made for occasional rolling. Industry testing has not been done on most reproduction casters as a result load bearing capacity is not available.

    These reproduction casters are designed and produced to support and move furniture. They are strong and dependable. When replacing or adding casters: proper fitting and mobility are the key considerations.

    There is a direct correlation between caster strength and correct installation. Casters must fit snugly to furniture, with as little play as possible.

    The larger the wheel, the easier the caster rolls and the less likely it is to hitch or indent the floor.

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